Solid Fluid and Fluid Flow Operations

A fluid is a substance which is capable of flowing if allowed to do so. A fluid is a substance which undergoes continuous deformation when it subjected to shear force. Handling the fluids is much simpler and cheaper than handling solids. Wherever possible it is therefore desirable to handle everything in the form of liquids, solutions or suspensions. In industry, pumps, fans, blowers and compressors, pipelines, ducts, valves and fittings are the essential components of a system used for transportation of fluids from one location to another. Fluid flow operation is extremely broad; it includes hydraulics, fluid measurements, hydrodynamics, aerodynamics and hydrostatics. Moreover, it often acquires the closely related topics of heat and mass transfer of the fluid system.

  • Fluid Statics and Its Applications
  • Flow of Compressible Fluids
  • Flow Past Immersed Bodies
  • Transportation and Metering of Fluids
  • Agitation and Mixing of Liquids

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